First Time Buyer

Let us guide you through the maze of mortgage options for First Time Buyers, don’t worry if it’s Help to Buy, Shared Equity or other government backed scheme, we are here to help you through the entire application process.

The mortgage market for first time buyers can be an intimidating place, due to steep property prices, first-time buyers generally speaking have smaller deposits. Consequently, this means they need to borrow more which limits the number of products and lenders available to them. In recent years, some lenders have introduced new product ranges to help more people take their first step onto the property ladder.

For many people, a mortgage is the largest investment they will ever make. So it’s crucial that you speak to an experienced Mortgage Adviser who can search through the many different types of mortgage and advise you on the best product available to suits your needs.

We are here to help, just some reasons why you might want to use our team

You only have a 5% deposit
We’ll match you to the best fit lender
You have never had a mortgage
You want a close family member to be a guarantor on your mortgage
Your deposit will be gifted cash or equity from a close family member
You are self-employed
You are a contract worker or on a zero hours contract
You have some current or historic adverse credit
You have already been turned away by high street lenders