Self Employed and contractor

Mortgages for the self-employed or contractors need not be frustrating, however they can require more experience to get the best outcome, this is an area of the mortgage market we excel in. We understand the difficulties borrowers experience when trying to secure competitive deals for self-employed mortgages, proving your income isn’t always a straightforward process, particularly if you’ve only started up your company in the last few years.

Our team can access every lender across the whole of the mortgage market and have many years of experience working with self-employed borrowers. We know based on your income, accounts and needs, which self-employed mortgage lenders to approach.

We are here to help, just some reasons why you might want to use our expert team

  • You want a new deal as your current mortgage deal is ending soon
  • You are purchasing your first home
  • You have a limited trading history, possibly just one year’s accounts or SA302s
  • You need to secure funds for home improvements, to consolidate debt or for any other legal purpose
  • You have some current or historic adverse credit
  • You have already been turned away by high street lenders
  • You are concerned interest rates may increase so want a fixed mortgage
  • You want to switch from an interest-only to a repayment mortgage