Expats & Foreign Nationals

We can help expats and foreign nationals to purchase a property in England, Wales and Scotland, or remortgage their current UK property, perhaps to secure a better rate or release some equity.

Expat and foreign national mortgages are very similar to standard mortgages, however, only a select number of specialist lenders offer these type of mortgages as the process of verifying your income can be more complicated, particularly if you do not hold a UK bank account.  Some lenders may charge a higher interest rate and fee due to them being perceived as higher risk.

Our experienced team will be able to identify which lenders to approach to secure the best deal. Factors which can help to support your application include working for a multinational company, paying funds into a UK bank account and having a British or EU passport.

We are here to help, just some reasons why you might want to use our team

  • You are a foreign national or expatriate looking to purchase a property in the UK
  • You are a foreign national or expatriate looking to remortgage a property/ portfolio of properties in the UK
  • You need to secure funds for home improvements, to consolidate debt or for any other legal purpose
  • You have some current or historic adverse credit
  • You have already been turned away by high street lenders
  • You are concerned interest rates may increase so want a fixed mortgage
  • You want to switch from an interest-only to a repayment mortgage