Commercial Mortgages

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of commercial mortgages

We specialise in finding the best commercial mortgages in the UK for both investors and business owner-occupiers. We’ll outline the very best terms available, then assist with the application process from start to finish. Our expert brokers really understand the market and know when to approach a high street bank or a specialist lender for your commercial mortgage requirements.

Commercial financing can seem very confusing at times but we have a team of highly experienced and qualified advisors that can walk you through the process with a service that is tailor made to your needs.

We are here to help, just some reasons why you might want to use our expert team

  • You want to purchase a new commercial property or land
  • You simply want a better rate
  • You want to remortgage a commercial property/ portfolio of properties
  • Your current deal is ending soon, you want to find an alternative commercial mortgage
  • You need to secure funds for a refurbishment, debt consolidation or for any other legal purpose
  • Your current lender does not allow or restricts overpayments, you want a find a lender that lets you pay back more each month
  • You want the security of a fixed rate commercial mortgage.
  • You are currently on an interest-only and wish to switch to a repayment commercial mortgage
  • The value of your property has greatly increased since you purchased it and you wish to take some of the equity.
  • You’ve had credit problems since taking out your commercial mortgage